Monday, April 29, 2013

Irish Supreme Court upholds ban on assisted suicide

Marie Fleming has lost her Supreme Court appeal against a High Court decision which held that the prohibition in law in the Republic of Ireland against assisted suicide was justified. As I said at the time of the High Court decision: 

 'It might seem hard that someone in Ms Fleming's situation, who truly wishes to die, is prevented from having help in doing so. But there is no way allow her that help that would not create the real circumstances, as demonstrated by what has happened elsewhere, where the vulnerable would be pressured into being 'assisted' into their graves prematurely. Therefore 'assisted suicide' must remain a criminal offense.' 
(read the full post here)

I thank God that the courts have affirmed that human life is sacrosanct in this country up to the moment of natural death. Please pray for Marie Fleming in her suffering. 

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